Designer And General Contractor

Debbie is an general contractor, interior designer and color expert. This image was one of several that we created for her advertising campaign.Las Vegas Interior Designer and General Contractor

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Las Vegas Fitness Photography With Kim

Kim is a fitness competitor in Las Vegas. She came by the studio for a quick shoot. More images to follow later.

Las Vegas Fitness Photo Studio


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Shooting In The Las Vegas Desert

Being a Las Vegas photographer means I get to shoot out in the desert. I have to admit, I love being out in the desert and a photoshoot out there makes it even better! Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo that my wife made.

Las Vegas photographer shoots in the desert

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My First Published Photo

Way back in the day (1985), I took my portfolio to the managing editor of a company that produced 10 weekly newspapers. I remember being very nervous as she flipped through the pages of my book. She looked up at me and gave me an assignment for that same week. Below is my first published photo (ever) which was shot at that assignment. From there, I made friends with photographers from all around the country and within 6 months I was freelancing for one of our local dailies. Within a year I was shooting for many of the sports magazines in the US. However, it all started with this image.

My first published photo

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Our Las Vegas Photo Studio – Part 1

OK! So, we got the keys to the photo studio exactly one week ago. There’s a lot of work to do on the reception area, office and restroom but that is all scheduled with the contractors. We spent the week getting the shooting area ready. Tammy and Lee did an awesome job in the set up. We are now ready to start shooting. I have a fitness shoot tomorrow at a gym location but we just might be getting a competitor from the Jay Cutler Desert Classic in here to break this studio in.

Las Vegas Bodybuilding Photography Studio

Las Vegas Bodybuilding Photography Studio

Las Vegas Bodybuilding Photography Studio

Las Vegas Bodybuilding Photography Studio

When you’re in Las Vegas and need Fitness or Bodybuilding Photography remember to give us a call.

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Las Vegas Balloon Rides

Almost every day, near Southern Hills Hospital, Vegas Balloon Rides launches their hot air balloons. I’ve seen as few as one and as many as three of their balloons lift off at sunrise. Today as I was driving by, I saw a shot that I wanted to get during the launch prep. I turned around and drove over but I missed my opportunity. Rather than heading on my way, I picked a different location and made a couple of images.

Vegas Baloon Rides


Vegas Baloon Rides


Vegas Baloon Rides


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