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Designer And General Contractor

Debbie is an general contractor, interior designer and color expert. This image was one of several that we created for her advertising campaign.Las Vegas Interior Designer and General Contractor

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DJ Romi

Las Vegas DJ

DJ Romi built a name for himself as one of Portland’s top DJs before he was old enough to drink in the clubs he was performing in. Now, he’s on tour and climbing even higher. Follow the link to his Facebook page: Portland’s DJ Romi.

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Advertising Photo For Sportswear Company

Advertising and Fashion Photography in Las VegasWe did the advertising photo for this sportswear startup. We represented one of each of their shirts in one shot.

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Fashion Shoot For Scott Pro Ink

Fashion photography in Las VegasIn addition to owning a screen printing company, my wife also creates and sells a line of fun apparel for nurses and computer programmers. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we shoot the catalog photos for her designs. You can check out her website at

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Casting Table By Pillar Orthopedic Design

Product photography in Las VegasI’ve known Rob, the owner of Pillar Orthopedic Design, for quite some time. If fact, I created his son’s senior portraits. Rob is an innovator in the world of scoliosis casting. Rob’s table is used in hospitals all over the world. We created a series of 22 photos highlighting the table as well as its features. You can see many more photos from this shoot by visiting the link to Rob’s website (above).

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