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Loving The NV Sun

Interval training photography in Las Vegas

I am truly enjoying sports photography in Las Vegas! This past weekend I got up early on Saturday to go out and shoot some interval training for a local Vegas gym. Being relatively new to the Vegas area, I hadn’t felt morning sun like that since leaving Santa Barbara for the state of WA 17 years ago. As the sun came up over the mountains, I was instantly energized as were the participants in the training program. This shoot was definitely photojournalistic in nature. No lights, no set up shots. Just documenting the workout.

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Women’s Basketball Univ of Portland vs Boise State

Basketball - Univ of Portland/Boise State WomenI still take on a sports assignment here and there! As a very young photographer back in the ’80s, 90 percent of my assignments were college and professional sports. In fact, my first time on airline was for a sports photography assignment. Here is an image from a University of Portland vs Boise State Women’s Basketball game. Gym lighting, high ISO digital cameras, and ultra fast auto focus lenses have come a long way since my early days of film and manual focus cameras making sports photography much easier today.

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